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Chris Folta.jpg

I was out sipping wine with a friend and drank a cab, Pinot noir, and some others. Drank the 2014 when I got home even though it's very early. I was very impressed! Nice job all! Something to be proud of.😉😊🍷

Chris Folta

Scott Schmid.jpg

Decanted 2 Bottles of Tre Famiglia Cellars 2015 Lifeblood Cabernet Sauvignon. For those interested , here is the Facebook prescence of Tre Famiglia (3 Families) Cellars, where I have shot video of the winemaking process. A whole host of Arcuri, and Fratantoni family members and good friends have all pitched in to make this extraordinary Cabernet Sauvignon, the excellent product it is. But it keeps getting better. Senior winemaker Michael Arcuri Sr. is the person who guides, controls and perfects the personality of the wine. 🍷 I have been involved in every aspect of creating the wine except what Micheal does. There inlies the secrets, magic and seasoned expertise that had corporate friends, coworkers of all types, as well as friends of the families, and those familiar with previous vintages, clambering to buy in to what promises, by Micheal's estimation, to be by far, the most stratospherically superior vintage we have yet produced. This wine has been professionally compared to its peers and is easily comparable to $30 bottles of anyone else's wine. And that does not necessarily include what we will bottle in March 2017. Hold on to your hats!
Go see what we do to create the nectar of the Gods.

Scott Schmid

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