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History of La Famiglia Cellars Winery

Our families love of wine making started with great great grandmother, Domenica Maria Vescio, and her family. They started this tradition from their home-grown vineyards in Basilicata, Italy. When they came to America in July 9, 1909, they brought their tradition and love of making wine.  The family continued to produce wine from 1909 until Prohibition in the 1920s.  The wine making equipment stayed in the family until it unfortunately got lost during a move during the 1960’s. 

I was first introduced to wine through my father, Vince Arcuri, who was a wine connoisseur himself. My love for fine wine became a major factor in my life through listening to my father’s knowledge and passion for excellence in the wine he would drink.  He always wanted our family to start to make wine again but unfortunately life has a way of getting in the way of dreams. Vince passed away in 2008, two years before his dream could come true. 

In 2010, my sister Beth and her husband Rob, started to make home-made wine and invited me to join. From that point on, it was history. Rob, his brother-in-law Mike and I took on the challenge and adventure of learning the science and craft of making quality wines under the name Tre Famiglia.  In 2018, I wanted to take the wine making to the next level and created La Famiglia Cellars. Our moto, “When Life Gives You Grapes, We Make Wine”, is a tribute to the wine culture that has been part of my family for 100s of years. La Famiglia is dedicated to continuing the family’s tradition, which is rich in history, and using traditional winemaking skills while adding new winemaking techniques to produce the highest quality of wine.


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