We take pride in our wine and want you to enjoy the taste

Hand Crafted Cabernet Sauvignon

At La Famiglia, we understand how important it is that we create a wine that meets a high standard for people to enjoy. That is why we take pride in creating a handcrafted Cabernet twice a year, once in the Spring from Chile and once in the fall from California. Our formula provides you a wonderful experience of a traditional Cab while providing an interesting note at the end of your sip. As passionate winemakers, we are honored to provide you with a deliciously memorable experience.


2018 Fall Cabernet Sauvignon - Highly rated already

Truly Top-Notch

This Cabernet has a beautiful Black Cherry on the font that transitions to a bit of chocolate and a final note of coffee.


2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

Aging Beautifully

Glorious aurora of fruity notes on the nose and front end, while gaining complexity and body with a plethora of nuances finding the palette on all sides.

A glass of wine

2016 Spring Cabernet Sauvignon - Limited Quantity 

Outstanding Quality

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