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New Pre-Production Sales Prices are out for Spring 2020

We are pleased to announce we have our new Pre-Production prices out. We are offing a extreme discount for our Spring 2020 wine prices. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is $174.88 per case(12 Bottles); Full Body White (Viognier or Chardonnay) at $167.59 per case(12 Bottles); and our Pinot Grigio is $130.80 per case(12 Bottles).

Pre-Production Rules:

Our Pre-production sales means you are buying into the future wine. It is the most economical way to purchase our wine. One thing to remember, since this is a pre-production sale, the wine will not be available until six months to a year from purchase depending on the varietal of the wine. However, this also allows you to be part of the wine making process. We invite all Pre-Production customers to get involved with the wine making process, from the initial crush through the final bottling. Additionally, as part of getting involved in the wine-making process, we provide education on how fine wine is produced. We welcome everyone to become a pre-production wine customer. Because of the large discount, the minimum quantity purchased is 12 bottles or a case of wine, we have decided to reduce the purchase minimum to one case rather than two cases.

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